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This panel will be held in English and in hybrid form.

The European Union is committed to a circular economy as an essential basis for the sustainable growth of regions around the world. An internationalization of innovation from the regions to the world is therefore expected. With the world's population expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, the ability of food production systems to meet this increasing demand is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The water and resource consumption of food production and the generation of food waste are issues that need to be addressed.
This panel will address the issues of internationalization of innovation through the increasingly important topics of resource-efficient food production, digitalization of food chains and sustainability through innovations in the use of residual materials. Representatives from science, business and politics will discuss measures to tackle these challenges in a collaborative manner. A mind map created on a digital whiteboard will record the findings and promote a transformative change of perspective among the participants. 

Head of Panel
Dr. Harvey Harbach, Hof University of Applied Sciences


Food production in the neighboring Czech Republic compared to Germany
Dr. Radek Gebauer, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic, Faculty of Fishery and protection of Waters

Food supply chains in Europe (ERNACT network partner)
Jose Manuel San Emeterio, ERNACT-Network, Ireland  (connected via Zoom)

Use of food waste in Vietnam compared to Germany
Prof. Lê Hùng Anh, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Institute for Environmental Science, Vietnam (connected via Zoom)

Company perspective on international
Jan Zimmermann, Kunststoff-Spranger GmbH

International doctoral candidates. What attracts them?
Dr. Harvey Harbach in conversation with Nirupama Nair, India, Pre-doctoral student at Hof University of Applied Sciences, Paola Acosta Carrascal, research associate at Hof University of Applied Sciences and Dr. Molla Tadesse Abate, Ethiopia, Postdoc, Humboldt Fellow at Hof University of Applied Sciences 

Panel 3 takes place in building B, room B001 at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Alle Bilder der wissenschaftlichen Panels des Wissenschaftstages der Europäischen Metropolregion Nürnberg wurden zum Großteil ganz oder teilweise vom Kompetenzzentrum für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz der Hochschule Hof (KI Awenderzentrum – Künstliche Intelligenz – Anwender Zentrum des IISYS) unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. René Peinl erstellt.



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